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Contact us if you are located 40-110 km from Little Rock and are interested in hosting a site.2018, April 1 - In an ongoing effort to improve our trajectory calculations, Pete Gural has worked with Denis Vida (UWO) to verify the various steps in the CAMS trajectory and orbit calculations.From left to right: Paul and Adriana Roggemans (383,384,388,389,399,809), Ian Rau, Robert Haas (3160-3167,801,802,821,822,810-813), Tim Polvliet (396), Steve Rau (3850,3852), Luc Gobin (390,391,807,808), Carl Johannink (311-318), Piet Neels (340-345,349,840,841-844), Hans Betlem (371-373), Erwin van Ballegoij (347 ,348), Jos Nijland (358,359), Jean Marie Biets (380-382), Martin Breukers (320-327), Koen Miskotte (351-354).Not present: Klaas Jobse (330-339) , Felix Bettonvil (376,377), Franky Dubois (386), Herve Lamy (393-395), Bart Dessoy (397,398,804-806), Hans Schremmer (803), and Christian Wanlin (814, 815) 2018, March 11 - Carl Johannink reports that CAMS Be Ne Lux held its annual meeting today at the public Bussloo Observatory in the Netherlands.The CAMS network as a whole continued to grow in yield and captured about 135,000 meteoroid orbits. Further growth is expected in the coming year from LOCAMS and CAMS Florida.California: 53,000; Be Ne Lux: 35,000; New Zealand: 5,900; LOCAMS: 26,000; UAE: 9,800; Florida: 5,000; Mid-Atlantic: 373; SA: 259. 2018, March 25 - Marcelo de Cicco reports that the EXOSS network has its first pair of CAMS cameras online. Santiago, who is the CAMS point of contact for camera installations, and Dr. The top photo shows the installation at UNIVAP, with Santiago (right) and Rodrigues (left), while the bottom photo shows one of three meteors captured last night.Challenge your colleagues and, if you are brave enough, even your boss to a clue Quest race and win more brownie points for your department. Is your best friend getting married and you’re planning a surprise activity?

With Dave Samuels' help, it is now automated and running since April 8.

Luke's station is located at his home outside of Little Rock.

Once completed, CAMS Arkansas is envisioned as a three-site network with 14 cameras at each site.

No errors were found, but the CAMS derived solar longitude was found to be based on too few of the terms that describe the position of Earth to jusfity the four significant digits.

The reported solar longitudes are improved now, with all known terms for Earth's position included in the calculation.

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