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Thanks, Andy Protected Sub Grid View Edit Invoice_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Then you will evaluate what the value for Column B to be ' If Your Business Logic Is Successfull Then Assign Value For "Column_Name_In_Your_Database_Table_For_Column B_In_Your_Grid" ' Assuming that datatype of "Column_Name_In_Your_Database_Table_For_Column B_In_Your_Grid" is Numeric ' Assuming that your business logic requires Column B to be same with Column A e. Text) ' If Your business logic is not sucessfull, then you can cancel Update e.

New Values("Column_Name_In_Your_Database_Table_For_Column B_In_Your_Grid") = Convert. Cancel = True End Sub Hi mezzanie, If i am not mistaken, Row Updating is fired when we press on Update button, isn't it? Text Changed event with Auto Post Back=true surely will can do all what i want.

-Boo I would like to get the old and new value for a change made to a text box so that I can store them in a change history table. I am just learning VB 2005; porting an application from MS Access where I could just use the Text Box. TIA, Kathy Hello Kathy, Usually nobody ever cares what the old value was.Bipin Joshi is the proprietor of Binary Intellect Consulting, where he conducts premier training programs on . He wears many hats, including software consultant, mentor, prolific author, webmaster, Microsoft MVP, and member of ASPInsiders. Having adopted the Yoga way of life, Bipin also teaches Kriya Yoga to interested individuals. On save, you compare the old record ( in sister ) and new record in normal table and any fields that dont match, you have the old value.Something we do in a different programming language ( and im too new to vb to try it here, ) but we call it "scatter() " and its a sub and what we do is before we go into the change of a record we "scatter()".

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Most of the time the old value is a non-value; It doesn't exist anymore, so we don't bother doing anything with it.

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