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I also had another pair of AR-3s, and thus I packed these teak models into storage.The AR-3s in their cartons (which also look new except for some sealing tape) were stored in air-conditioned storage and have never been exposed to temperatures much above 70F and RH of 45%.It is a remarkable testament to both the AR-3 accuracy and Edgar Villchur’s understanding of the proper way to record and reproduce live musicians and instruments.Because of the AR-3s remarkable critical acclaim and ground-breaking innovation during this period, it quickly became a classic loudspeaker design, and has become a.Its place in history was made secure during the early 1960s when Acoustic Research conducted dozens of public, live.These bold, live concerts compared pre-recorded music on AR-3s to the Fine Arts Quartet, classical-guitarist Gustavo Lopez and a restored 1910 Seeburg Nickelodeon. To detect the switchovers between the live musicians and the reproducing AR-3 loudspeakers.

It is still considered to be one of the finest loudspeakers ever designed.

At this point in history, the AR-3 has become a high-fidelity icon, arguably the most famous loudspeaker in history.

The AR-3 was developed at Acoustic Research by founder and researcher Edgar Villchur. On scientific research and industry-standard objective-measurement techniques with published performance, pioneered by Acoustic Research.

The accuracy with which the AR-3 reproduced the live musical instruments is almost uncanny, and most experts in the field consider this the.

Test of loudspeaker accuracy, where the reproducing instrument is asked to reproduce the live sound rather than being “A-B’d” with another speaker; and to put this accomplishment into better perspective.

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