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A Vocativ analysis showed that within the last month there were 207,948 uses of the emoji within tweets, and only 63 of those mentioned #eggplantfriday, though the hashtag itself earned 5,135 tweets on its own beyond the cartoon character.In fact, foodies be damned, a search of Instagram for the same emoji would turn up nothing at all.Eggplant emoji is the digital catcall—seemingly harmless, but at its core a symbolic representation of old fashioned masculinity and dominance over women, particularly when found in somewhat intimate digital settings: direct messages on Twitter, chats and texts, the notorious Facebook “others” inbox.#eggplantfriday is a gratuitous social media expression of open sexual exploration.

Once just a succulent vegetable, then notorious on social media as a representation of male genitalia and widely used to denote sexual interest, it is now being used as a weapon against women on social media.

The father-of-two has also been married twice before.

He wed make-up artist Hanne Norgaard in 1999, with whom he has teenager daughter Isan, but the marriage broke down four years later when she did not adjust to life in the US.

The pair have reportedly been dating for seven months and were first spotted together in Manchester last month.

It is actor’s first public relationship since he split with make-up artist Naiyana Garth, with whom he shares his three-year-old son Winston.

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