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JNLP also states that this application can run offline (if already cached) and should be updated as a background process.

JNLP mirrors this process; in the same way that a Web browser renders a webpage, a JNLP client "renders" a Java app.Web Start programs are no longer an integrated part of the web page, they are independent applications that run in a separate frame. Applet launcher may not support some specific cases like loading class as resource. As of JDK9, Java applets are deprecated by Oracle with Java Web Start being the intended replacement.Web Start can also launch unmodified applets that are packaged inside files, by writing the appropriate JNLP file. The developer prepares a special XML file with JNLP extension.For rendering an HTML webpage, after the user clicks on a weblink, the browser submits a URL to a webserver, which replies with an HTML file.The browser then requests the resources referred to by this file (images, css), and finally renders the page once it has received enough information.

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